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Accountants Guide to Social Media & Digital Marketing

Are you an accountant, CPA, tax preparer thinking of using Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels to promote your accounting firm? Have you created a digital branding & marketing strategy to increase your ROI and conversion rate over time.

Social media is a powerful tool to promote your accounting firm, get more traffic, leads and clients – if done right.

Accountantbfguide to social media marketing for accountants will show you how you can use social media to effectively grow your accounting business.

Are you afraid of Social Media Marketing for Accountants?

Digital marketing requires knowledge, well-planned strategy & time to do it correctly. Many accountants find it very challenging and too difficult to manage. Therefore, they stay behind the digital marketing revolution which is obviously one of the most important foundations of every business.

Having a website and a Facebook profile doesn’t qualify you as a "digital marketer". You should dominate the social media world with a "killing" strategy to win your competitors over with active & effective business pages on Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Active & updated website with lead-generation tools is also a must if you want to be a winner in the digital marketing game.

 Accountantbfguide to social media marketing for CPAs & Tax Preparers will take the fear out of the process and show you step-by-step how you can be a dominating player in the digital marketing magical planet.

How can Social Media Marketing grow my accounting firm?

Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Quara, Instagram, blogs, groups and forums offer faster, cheaper and more "organic" way to expose your firm to potential clients, convert them leads and new business.

There are other important benefits such as improve your professional image, establish your professional authority in your area of expertise, recruit team members, checkout your competitors and industry trends.

Using social media effectively can and will grow your accounting firm. Accountantbff will help you with our cost-effective digital marketing & branding plans for accountants, CPAs & tax-preparers. Keep on reading to get the inside of the digital marketing for accountants.


The 2 most important steps to follow for digital marketing success

Step 1: Setup your branded / lead-generating / SEO friendly digital presence.

Step 2: creating and publishing great, lead-generating, seo boosting, content.

The first step is (setting up your digital presence) crucial even if you already have a website or any social media profile.

Your digital presence is a combination of your website and multiple social media profiles, pages and accounts. It has to be branded and consistent in all channels.

First, you have to setup a great-looking, branded website. Make sure your website offers visitors an easy way to navigate around and a clean-cut design. Your website should also have solid SEO foundations and the most important, lead generating tools to convert every visitor to a hot lead.

The most successful lead-generating & increase-conversion tool is the bff widget for accountants which is an advanced live chat and lead-generating content feed plugin to your website. Accounting firms using the bff-widget reported significant business growth in a short period of time.

Once your website is ready, move forward to setup your social media channels such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Quara, and Instagram. Each channels should be branded and consistent with your website. This is highly important as social media users coming across your business page will be directed to your website and should identify your website and other digital assets as part of your brand.

The second step (lead-generating, seo-boosting content) is your most important day-to-day task. This is actually the #1strategy for bringing highly targeted traffic to your web site. One of the very best ways to promote that content is through the various social media platforms that ultimately point back to your web site and/or blog (backlinks).

Social Media Can and Will Help Grow Your Accounting Firm… If Done Right!

How to develop a great digital marketing strategy for accountants? First, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is your audience? Who is your typical potential client? Location, age, gender, interests, etc?

  • Where are they looking / searching for your services? What social media platforms? What search terms they are using?

  • Do they have issues they need solutions for?

  • What content / free solutions you can provide online to generate leads from your target audience?

 8 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips for Accountants or How can I find answers to the questions above? 

  1. Search google for your accounting firm and your most known competitors. Make a list of the links / websites your firm and competitors showing to understand where you should focus on when establishing your digital presence.

  2. Search in social media. Use relevant keywords or hashtags to check out the search results on the most popular social media platforms. Targeted keywords can be accountant in Brooklyn, tax preparer in Texas, accounting services in Miami, auditing or financial reports, Payroll Company in Alabama or taxes (hashtag #taxes). The results can show you few important issues: (1) who is showing up when users are looking for these targeted keywords and learn what these competitors are doing. (2) You learn about your potential clients among those who ‘liked’ or engaged with those pages.

  3. Learn from the content you find. What are your potential clients looking for? Check what posts they like and read their comments to understand what questions or problems they have. Make a plan to create content to address these issues with value your potential clients will appreciate. 

  4. Lead-Generating branded content. Create interesting, value added content to increase your targeted audience engagement. Use eye catching titles and images and make sure to check spelling. Be consistent with your brand name, logo and color theme in every post you upload. 

  5. Be consistent with your content uploading intervals. Upload new content on same days and timing to have your targeted audience get used to your content schedule. This should increase exposure and engagement to your content rather than posting in different days and times. 

  6. Use SEO technics in your social media content to boost your rank. Add relevant targeted keywords phrases in your content as part of the "story" of the post. This may enhance your SEO ranking with each post you upload to your social media channels. 

  7. Use higher engagement content in addition to branded posts. Upload free guides and free articles which are problem solvers for your target audience. This content should address the issues you have learned about in your searches (step 1 & 2). Do it wisely. The post should be detailed enough to address the issue but it should also drive the user to engage with you (submit email, start chat or leave comments). 

  8. Get Social proofs and great reviews.  Referrals and Actual clients' satisfaction are still the biggest source of new clients for accountants. Ask your happy clients to leave positive comments and recommendations on your social media pages to increase your brand reliability.  is an All-in-One Digital Marketing solution for Accountants, CPAs, Tax Preparers and Auditors. Join thousands+ accounting firms using AccountantbfDigital Marketing Plans - to increase their business.

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