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How can Branded Content Drive 300% more sales right to your front-door? A quick guide for Accountants, CPAs & Tax Preprarers

Content is the king!!! Heard that before?

Content is and will always remain the heart of marketing. You can never challenge the power of words. Content is indeed the best and most efficient way to connect with your audience, create brand awareness, showcase your brand’s authority, and build trust.

AccountantbfDigital Marketing Plans with professional branded content for accounting firms deliver you exactly the posts you need to grow your firm. With unique, high-quality and utterly authentic content that is entertaining, useful and interesting for your potential clients.

Valuable text, engaging images' infographics, surveys, these daily posts will increase your brand online presence and deliver more potential clients to your business.

3 powerful ways branded content can grow your accounting firm

#1: Branded content will generate new leads and sales

Great content creates brand awareness and authority which will generate new leads and increase sales as more consumers become exposed to your brand. Engaging (but not pushy) content drives consumers to authentically engage with the brand without a blatant sales message disturbing the engagement. Publishing great content in your Website (via BFF feed) and in your social media channels will generate new leads and more sales.

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#2: Branded content will Increase traffic and exposure of your website and social media channels

Good-quality, original content it’s a brilliant way to drive traffic to your website and keep consumers on the site for longer. It also encourages your audience to share your content with their family, friends and colleagues which increase your brand awareness with no additional cost and drive high-quality leads to you.

Too busy to write new lead generating content every day? we got you covered. checkout our digital marketing plans with branded content for your widget, website and social media channels which will boot your digital presence and skyrocket your business. 

#3: Branded content will add value to your product / service

Content that adds value in some way is generally received well by consumers because it solves a problem in their everyday lives or teaches them something new. The value is intangible and doesn’t have a direct monetary value, however it is invaluable to the business model and the relationship between the brand and consumers. BFF Content Plan will provide you great e-guides posts and articles to publish on your BFF feed and social media channels.  is an All-in-One Digital Marketing solution for Accountants, CPAs, Tax Preparers and Auditors. Join thousands+ accounting firms using AccountantbfDigital Marketing Plans - to increase their business.

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