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Focused on accountants

Accountantbff is a leading technology & digital marketing company dedicated to assisting accountants increase income and productivity.

We dig technology

The company developed a propriety product called PPS which combines professional accounting content, personal oriented content and sales focused content, all designed to utilize social media by accountants. PPS is an online platform, designed to make it easy for accountants to get on any social media network and post stunning, professional and sale oriented content. No creative limits, no coding – just complete freedom to express yourself and manage your entire social media presence. .

Great team

The company’s team includes accountants, content managers, creative managers, designers and developers, all working as a private PR team for our clients. 





















Products that work

Our services include 3 more products which are complementary to the PPS and include enhanced website development for accountants, mobile native app development and paid campaign management to increase digital exposure. 



We are privately owned corporation, backed by seed investors who strongly believe in the company offering, culture and potential. For more information check out our investors page.

We are growing!

We are hiring! Check out of career page for more information about open positions for developers, creative and designers, content writers and accountants. 


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