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Drive many more potential clients  to your website

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Convert 200%-300% more visitors to quality leads

Get x2 clients

Turn each visitor and lead to a client & double revenue

How does it work?
or how can you double your client base using our digital marketing plans?

Convert every visitor to a paying client with our Lead-Generating WIdget


We will install on your website the BFF add-on we have developed, which allows you to have online conversations with each visitor, present professional content to each visitor and convert each visitor to a paying client. The widget also includes our mobile app for managing all chats directly from your phone (never miss a sales opportunity). Get mobile alerts on every new visitor and every message from a Real-Time visitor and get in touch with everyone right away.

​of consumers will hire the firm that responded first to their questions
With our add-on you can immediately answer every question of every visitor and significantly increase your client base.
I'm a viral video. Try me!

 Get branded,  lead generating  content


Each week we will prepare professional, branded content which will drive new visitors and leads to your firm, boost your professional image & skyrocket your SEO ranking everywhere. Includes: Posts with relevant, added value content (for your potential clients) in taxation, accounting, finance, and many more topics, branded and promotional videos, infographics, animation, free guides, articles, and branded newsletters. Here are some samples:

of consumers exposed to professional content will  contact you for more details
With our professional, branded content, you will reach your target audience. Every week as we add more content to your social media pages you will reach more potential clients and receive an increasing number of leads. 

Be everywhere with our social media management.


We will upload our professional // lead-generating content to your business pages in the most popular social media platforms // Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Linkedln & Twitter & Quora// to generate leads 24/7, 365 days.

of consumers are more likely to buy from brands they follow on social
With your social network management, you can reach many potential clients and significantly increase your client base.

Get real-time alerts on hot leads with our Lead-Ninja App 

The Lead Ninja application monitors and detects dozens and even hundreds of hot leads every month on social networks and the Internet. Once a lead is detected, you will receive an email & notification in real-time to your desktop and mobile with all the information you need to process the lead. This way, you can instantly respond to any hot, high-quality lead posted before your competitors. Save valuable time and high costs of buying leads. Start using Lead-Ninja and get high quality, non-stop leads.

Of the leads you responded to are converted to paying customers
Lead-Ninja sends you hot, high-quality leads every day, and enables you to convert them into paying customers quickly by getting back to them fast.

A consistent repetition of the process - every week.


Consistency is a crucial element in your success. Every week, create new branded professional content, upload to all social networks, and have online conversations with every site visitor to convert visitors to clients. This is how you will see every week, growing number of visitors, quality leads and most important – significant increase in paying clients.

of our users reported significant revenue growth within 8 months
Consistent use of our digital marketing plan results in a significant increase in paying clients in the first year.

Get your Demo and see how you can grow your firm with our digital marketing plans and widget
we will email you samples of our branded content, videos, animation clips, posts, facebook pages, websites for accountants.

[Sample Scenario]
Get our Expert plan for $349/mo &

Increase Sales by $54,000

Digital marketing plans with proven results

Our most popular plan costs $349/mo x 12 months
You pay
Assume that you "only" get 40 new clients this year. The average tax return fee is $270. The Average client will stay with you for 5 years
You get
You pay $4,188 and generate income of $54,000. Your profit is - $49,812.
Your ROI
DID YOU KNOW? You only need 3 new clients this year to cover the cost of our plan.  
3 clients
RISK-FREE! If you won't get a minimum of 3 clients your money will be fully refunded. 
Your risk
Zero (0)


We are 100% sure our digital marketing plans deliver results. We are so convinced you will get more visitors, more leads and more new clients that we are giving you a 100% FULL REFUND if you don't get a minimum of new clients to cover our cost.


If you will not retain a minimum of 3 new clients during the first 12 months using our Expert Digital Marketing Plan, we will refund back your money (full refund of all monthly fees paid for this plan during the first 12 months of your subscription). 


Success Stories

    "We were able to triple our sales in 8 months using bff Marketing Plan & Widget. "

tax usa logo

Tax USA, Inc provides tax, accounting and incorporation services since 2004.  

"We saw a significant growth in traffic, leads and sales month by month since we signed up. 


After 8 months using the widget, we were able to triple our sales and still growing. 

We will defiantly  recommend  accountantbff. "

                  Arie Rozen, CPA

More Success Stories

Accountantbff really helped our firm go from micro business into a growing, dynamic firm with new clients joining us every single day. Thank you Accountantbff .”


Eva Goldwasser, Florida.” 

With Accountantbff we don't miss even one client! We are on facbook, linkedin, yelp, twitter and google. We chat with clients on our own website and close x3 deals! .”​

Thomas Clifford, New York

Accountantbff team members were great in turning us, 'few old school accountants' into social media experts. Now we get "Likes", "Shares" and "Followers"  and we see more and more new clients..”​

Hillary Green, Ohio

We have signed up for Accountantbff's Premium branding plan. We spend $500 on monthly digital marketing and we get $10,000 from new clients. ROI of x 20! Couldn't ask for more! 

Monique Lance, Califronia

It was easy getting x3 more leads with  Accountantbff. They stormed in, redo our website,  added a chat feature and Facebook page and boom! we started seeing daily new clients.”​   


Edward Thompson, North Carolina



Add our chat widget to your website.

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