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Live chat

Instantly start chatting with visitors who need your help and convert them

into customers from your desktop or mobile phone


social content

Quickly and easily upload articles, tips, special offers and promotions

and generate x2 leads


Power users data

Big data. See how is online now on your website.

Check out daily statistics and use the data to increase conversion

bff.  changing everything for accountants

Live chatsocial content with power data

Super smart and Super Free widget for accountants with high-quality, social content and live chat feature to generate more traffic, engage more visitors and increase  conversion rates through direct contact with potential customers.

Don't lose any client. bfworks for you 24/7!


bff. 3 in 1

Live chatsocial content for accountants

Live chat

Chat in real time with your visitors! Add this advanced widget to your website in seconds. Start chatting with your visitors, help them with info, promote your services and convert x 2 visitors into long term paying customers. Easy chat management with our online dashboard, let you instantly read messages and reply.

x3 traffic



Social content

Instantly upgrade your website with 100s of high quality tax & accounting posts for you to share on your FB, Twitter, Linkedin & Yelp accounts. Stunning sales oriented posts that generate x2 conversions! Be a star on social media sites and get x2 more traffic, shares, likes and high quality leads

x3 leads

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Power data

Get priceless data on your visitors, see who is on your site in real time, which pages they are visiting, how long they spend on each page, and get statistical data on how many chats you had each day, how long each chat lasted,  if visitors are on mobile or desktop and much more.

x3 income


bff. in action 

Live chatsocial content for accountants


x3 traffic

x3 leads

x3 income

Best performing posts

Before 2% conversion

After 9% conversion

Before 2.5% conversion

After 11% conversion

Before 3% conversion

After 12% conversion

Before 3% conversion

After 11% conversion

Before 1.5% conversion

After 8% conversion

Before 3% conversion

After 12% conversion

Before 1% conversion

After 10% conversion

Before 4% conversion

After 12.5% conversion

Before 2% conversion

After 9% conversion

Before 3% conversion

After 9% conversion

Before 2.5% conversion

After 11.5% conversion

Before 3% conversion

After 12% conversion


bff. features

Live chatsocial content for accountants

Increase traffic by 200%

  • Capture more emails by 200%

  • Increase shares & likes

  • Get more leads

  • Enhance customer loyalty by 100%

Make your website much more interesting

  • Add the feed to your website in 5 minutes

  • No coding needed. Do it all in seconds


Chat with your visitors, live!

  • Answer visitors questions in real time

  • Capture visitor email 24/7 even when you're offline

Engage visitors with our content to increase conversion

  • Access 100s of high-quality tax and accounting posts

  • New posts every day​ to share on social media!!!

Turn into Social Media Star

  • Crush your competitors on Social media sites

  • Copy & paste our posts to your FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Yelp

Promote your services with stunning posts

  • Instantly add posts with special offers and promotions

  • Unlimited Customized posts on topics you select + $12 per post

Online dashboard for easy posts management

  • Each post has landing page to obtain full visitors contact info

  • Pin best selling posts to top. Visitors see this post first 

  • Design the feed. Give it your favorite feel & look 


bff. Why accountants love it so much?

Live chatsocial content for accountants

You can Add, remove & edit posts in sec

  • No coding is needed

  • You can Do it yourself in seconds

  • You don't need to pay developers

  • You don't need to pay designers

Instantly add special offers and promote your services

  • Direct visitors to specific pages in your website

  • Instantly get more leads

  • Instantly convert more visitors

Instantly show high-quality content to your visitors

  • Quickly create weekly newsletter

  • Select posts from our content database and publish in seconds

  • Pin leading posts to top of screen to increase conversion

See who is online now

  • Get instant email and app push when any user come online

  • Initiate chat with users as soon as they come online

  • Get users email and phone number in chat even when you are offline

  • See how many daily visitors you have

  • See how many daily chats you have

  • See how many daily leads you have

bff. Case stories

Live chatsocial content for accountants

websites - GLOBES.png

Globes America, Inc

160% increase in traffic

150% increase in new leads

175% increase in conversion rate

"From the moment we have added BFF to our website, we started seeing big change. More visitors started showing up on our website, we have begun receiving x 2 more emails and chats then before. The impact was amazing, and instant. Highly recommended!" 

x2 traffic x2 leads x2 income

bff. benefits

Live chatsocial content for accountants


210% increase in traffic

200% increase in new leads

185% increase in conversion rate

"Instead of paying developers and designers to make daily changes to my website, with BFF I am able to promote the service I want and make instant changes to the content of the special offer post. Engagement has increased dramatically with the live chat and the leads generator." 

x2 traffic x2 leads x2 income

  1. Send high quality and professional content to your clients​

  2. Create loyal customer base that reads your posts regularly

  3. Increase your name recognition on social media websites​

  4. Get shares and likes from your existing clients and new leads

  5. Engage clients and new visitors with professional content

  6. Save time & money on great content that makes you money

  7. Make your website interesting and dynamic​

  8. Make your social account interesting and dynamic​

  9. Increase your SEO score and get listed higher on Google

  10. Sell your services in a fun and sophisticated way

Become a star 
on social media with

Turn your visitors into your best business friends for ever with great content 
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Digital Marketing 
for accountants

Starting at $69/mo.

x3 Visitors

x3 Leads

x3 New Clients



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bff. your private PR

What can accountants

learn from Kim Kardashian?

Here is what the AICPA says about Kim Kardashian & social media:

"You may not make $10,000 per tweet like Kim Kardashian, or create a viral video that reaches 1.6 billion views like Gangnam style, but...

engaging in social media will help improve your business and demonstrate to other accountants—valuable referral sources—your knowledge and expertise. Seize the moment and take advantage of it today."

To the AICPA article


bff. find accountants

Need an accountant you can trust? Looking for help with your personal or business tax return? Search bff database for tax professional, bookkeeper, payroll service provider, financial auditor , investment specialist and  general accountant


This is our unique Feed for Accountants that you can easily add to your website, blog or copy/paste to your Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn, Instagram and any other social media account. Specially designed to generate more leads, more clients and more income.

In 48 hours you will have your own mobile app, a great app that clients can use to: chat with you anywhere, anytime, upload tax documents, receive special offers from you, learn about deadlines, refer friends and family, check IRS and state's refund and much more...

The widget you see below this is the bff visitor widget, if you click it you will see the window maximize and you will be able to chat with the team. You can add a widget like this on your own site, with your own custom colors, messages, size, position and language.