How I (X3!!!) tripled my sales with ONE amazing WIDGET!

How I (X3!!!) tripled my sales with ONE amazing WIDGET!

No Coding, No developers, no designers, JUST ME and my BFF Widget.

I installed the BBF widget in my website. Took me 1 min (copy/paste). 2 mins later my website visitors got the widget when they were on my website.

Suddenly I was able to chat with each and every visitor. Helping them with questions and directing them to my services pages.

They also read the awesome post on the BFF's feed and while chatting with me they also submitted their email following post they saw.

In few minutes after I installed the BFF widget I got my first sale from a visitor who was on my website, saw the post promotion I did to my best selling service in the BFF feed, started to chat, then… BOOM, I sent him link to order the service in the chat and … got my first sale.

Since then, I was able to triple my sales using this strategy.

And the great thing about it, I don't need developers or designers or media manager. I do it myself with the great help of the BFF widget.

Want to TRIPLE YOUR SALES? Get the BFF [FREE] now!


The widget you see below this is the bff visitor widget, if you click it you will see the window maximize and you will be able to chat with the team. You can add a widget like this on your own site, with your own custom colors, messages, size, position and language.