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Our branding package includes setup, maintenance, updating and upgrading your  most important digital assets: a branded, stylish, mean-lean-selling-machine-website, branded social media channels (Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Linkedln  and Instagram)  and  the world's most successful plug-in for accountants with 4 crazy tools that will increase your revenue significantly and instantly. 

Using our "Lead Magnet" content and branding strategy we will  updated your digital assets regularly which will significantly enhance the professional image and the digital presence of your firm and as a result drive more traffic, more leads, more clients and much more sales. 

Digital Branding Package for Accountants

Branded Content
for Accountants

We create for you, stunning looking, viral, engaging & SEO boosting content which turns up to X8 more visitors into paying clients. Boost your brand's image with professional a content on your website,  & social media channels

SEO Booster
for Accountants

Our professional, branded content will enhance your SEO and increase your ROI. Our posts include Content with targeted keyword phrases to boost the SEO rank of your website and social media channels. 

Branded Website
for Accountants

We build for you, dynamic, fresh, sale-oriented website that increases your leads x 2. Visitors will love your website and share it with friends and family, resulting in more leads and more clients.

Branded Social Media 
for Accountants

Start getting up to X8 more shares, likes and comments on your greatly designed, professional social media channels. Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Instagram - you will be a social media star and see instant results.

Branded Widget
for Accountants

Turn your website into a smooth chat app with our cutting edge communication widget for accountants. You will see an amazing increase in engagements, leads and conversions by allowing visitors to chat, call, & email you. 

Digital Branding Package for Accountants


Branded Content // SEO Booster for Accountants

Content is the King. We provide you with great content that your customers love read & share with friends. We save you hours on creating content and thousands in producing it. Our content is specially designed for accountants and will turn your website into a lead generation machine by engaging your visitors x 2 then before.


Use our high-quality content: articles, tips, special offers and promotions to increase your brand's image, generate up to x8 leads, increase your conversation rates and client base. 

Boost your SEO ranking with our professional, branded targeted keyword phrases. Our content will enhance your SEO and increase your ROI. Our posts include Content most common search terms for CPAs, Tax Preparers & accountants to boost the SEO rank of your website and social media channels. 

Our content writing team includes CPAs that know exactly what content works, professional content writers that make each and every post a hit, and graphic designers that amaze your visitors with eyes popping images.

Digital Branding Package for Accountants

Sample Content:


Everyone knows the basics of taxes – you pay taxes on the money you earn, right? You might be surprised to know that the IRS also taxes things like lottery winnings and unemployment benefits. Check out our full list of 10 things you won’t believe are taxed! Powered by your CPA in North Carolina

150 likes |  12 shares  | 30 leads

Are you running your own small business?

In most cases, you can deduct your insurance premiums for the year of coverage if they are directly related to your business. Examples of this are auto insurance, life insurance, malpractice insurance, and liability insurance. For more tax tips contact your dedicated Tax Preparer in Rockville, MD

230 likes |  36 shares  | 112 leads

2019 Tax Tip #103 // Boost your 401(k)(s) 

The new year marks a chance to boost the amount you save toward long-term financial goals like retirement. By using IRAs, 401(k)s, and other tax-favored retirement accounts, you can put yourself in a healthier financial condition and save on taxes to boot. Want More on 401k? we are your 401k / IRA Tax Accountant in New York, NY

129 likes |  11 shares  | 46 leads

Did you have medical expenses in 2018? 

For the 2017 and 2018 tax years, if you itemize your deductions, you can deduct qualifying medical expenses which exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. Beginning January 1, 2019, all taxpayers may deduct only the amount qualified medical expenses that exceeds 10% of their adjusted gross income. For more tax tips on Medical Expenses, contact @ your own professional CPA Firm in Columbus, Ohio.

1289 likes |  398 shares  | 567 leads

Are you looking for a tax deduction for business property?

With a new bill passed as part of recent tax reform the definition of qualified property has expanded to include qualified film, television, and live theatrical productions released after September 27, 2017. For more tax tips on Home office, contact your Wilmington, Delaware Tax Preparation Firm.

15 likes |  4 shares  | 7 leads

Do you know the new limitations for itemized deductions

For tax year 2018 (the taxes you file in 2019), you may be able to deduct sales tax, state and local income tax, and/or property taxes capped at $10,000 ($5,000 for married filing separate) if you itemize deductions. Questions on Itemized Deductions?  contact your Alexandria, VA Tax Preparation & Accounting Firm

23 likes |  8 shares  | 12 leads

Contact us today to start getting /lead-magnet// content for your Facebook page & Website.

Branded Website for Accountants

Let our team of creative designers work for you and build a stunning website that will wow anyone who visits you online. With tons of features your digital presence will be not only super appealing but also very sales oriented and marketing focused. 


Visitors come to your website form many different devices: Desktops, Tablets, Android phones, iPhones, Microsoft phones, an many other types. The website we build for you, will work on any  hardware, most different mobile phones, and all tablets. This guarantees that you will never lose a potential client due to device incompatibility. 



The website comes packed with load of features that help you increase client interactions and engagements. List of features includes: 


Live chat with bot answers

Chat with clients directly while they are on your site provide them useful info even when you are offline get email, name, and telephone of visitors even when you are offline.



Create powerful database of visitors that want you to send them newsletters, professional updates and marketing material. 

 Appointment booking

This allows your visitors to book a free or paid appointment with you at a specific day and time. When visitor fills out the appointment form, you instantly get an alert with that visitor contact info, and you can confirm, or set up a different day and time.  


Event manager

Create and manage events for your clients, potential clients, employees or any other audience. Visitor can browse the list of events, open event's details page and RSVP for any desired event. 




One of the most powerful marketing tools in today's digital world. Blog allows you to share professional know-how with clients, demonstrate how experience you are in your field, inform visitors about success stories, and let people know what's new at the office. 



Complete e-commerce solution

Create product or service catalog that visitors can browse and instantly add to their shopping cart. Everything you need to start selling is included.


Ongoing support and assistance

You are not alone. Our team of designers, developers, content managers and creative managers are all here, working for you 24/7. They will make sure that your website, is not only great looking, full with valuable information for your clients but also, extremely effective in turning visitors to paying customer. And bottom line, is not it what you really need the most?

Digital branding Package for Accountants

Sample Website:

Accountant Website template #1028

Contact us today to upgrade your website to a "lean-mean-selling-machine".

Branded Social Media Channels for Accountants


We set up business Social Media Pages for your practice or connect to your existing business Pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Instagram - you will be a social media star and see instant results)


We expose your clients, friends and family to the professionally and branded pages by email and generate  “Likes” "Shares" and “Follows” for your Page. 


We post great content on weekly basis: tax saving tips, tax calendar alerts, compliance posts, special offers and promotions will be posted to your Pages on your behalf, increasing and enhancing your brand's credibility, exposure and image.


Visitors will “Like”, “Share” and "Follow" your content, tips, alerts and special offers to help their friends and family save money. It’s like an extremely viral newsletter and blog.


Potential clisnts see their friends and family “Like”, “Share” and "Follow" your posts and start Following your Page themseves. With increasing exposure to your brand, your followers base will constantly grow and generate x2 traffic, x2 leads, x2 clients and much higher income!

Digital Branding Package for Accountants

Sample Facebook Pages:

cpa-fb-cover-sample1 (1).png

Accountant Facebook Page template #255


Accountant Facebook Page template #438


Accountant Facebook Page template #562


Accountant Facebook Page template #690

Contact us today to upgrade your Social Media Channels to mean-lean-lead-machines

Branded Widget for Accountants

Turn your website into a chat app in seconds. Add the best communication widget for accountants and allow your visitors to contact you via live chat, email and phone, all in one place.

67% percent of customers choose the first accountant that responds to their inquires!

It´s a fact! bff sends you instant alerts when any visitor opens your website, so you will be able to respond in seconds and close deals in seconds

Live chat with human touch

Start conversations with any visitor & track visitors from the moment they enter your site. Instantly start chatting with visitors and convert them into customers from your desktop or mobile phone.


Allow visitors to send you images and files

Turn your website into a complete chat app, allowing your visitors to instantly send you tax documents, W2s, 1099s and more, all from the plam of their hands. Save hundreds on expensive documents upload and sharing websites.

Allow visitors to call you

Visitors can call you with one click, and without dialing your full number. This will increase your credibility and significantly improve your conversion rates. 

24/7 Lead-generation machine

Turn your website into a lead generation machine with out accountants widget. When the chat is live, users chat with you, when the chat is off, visitors send you leads through the posts and content. 24/7 lead generation machine.


Too busy to chat during tax season? We got you covered!

Our highly trained Virtual Assistants will chat with your clients, answer F.A.Q and administrative questions, so you can focus on your work.

Real Human chat
No bots with thoughtless answers.

We only hire real humans, trained to be customer service experts.


Highly trained assistants
Our chat assistants know taxes. 

We train and supervise each chat assistant until they are ready.


You're in control 
You can see any chat in real time.

You can take over any chat or contact the assistant with instructions.

Digital Branding Package for Accountants

Sample Widget Screen Shots:

Accountant Widget - Content Feed Stream

Accountant Widget - Chat Screen

Accountant Widget - minimum mode & Communication center

Accountant Widget - Feed Stream & Post Screen

Contact us today to get the most successful widget  in the world for accountants


Donald Schumacher 

"After receiving  recommendations I contacted Accountantbff. Since then, I saw a real change.  Every day I get new calls and new leads and many new clients. My firm is growing ... The best part was that my daughter who worked in one of the big 4 left her daily work and joined me.  Thank you – Accountantbff."

Anna Simpson 

"One of the smartest things I did was turn to Accountantbff. They were amazing! Within a week I had a stunning website, the most professional Facebook page I've ever seen and a mobile app that gives me complete control over anyone who comes to my website. The best part was that after a short period, I already had a number of clients to maintain my new CPA firm. Thank you Accountantbff."

Tom & Elizabeth Anderson 

"We got to know Accountantbff while I was in college. Almost everyone we know uses them to for digital branding ... It was clear that when my wife and I decided to start our own CPA firm we signed up with them ... There were amazing. While we were busy with the setup and preparations – they did all their digital marketing magic. On our launching day we already had a bunch of clients.  Thank you Accountantbff"

Paul Brown

We wanted to join the digital marketing revolution. That's why we called Accountantbff and got their smart solutions. They did deliver results. Big time. We started to get quality leads and new customers that fit our firm. We were able to double our firm in less than a year. 

We deliver Results

Many accounting / CPA firms are already increasing their revenue every day with our {Smart} solutions. More exposure. More visitors. More leads and more customers!!! They all started with one little click ... don't you think it's your time now?

The widget you see below this is the bff visitor widget, if you click it you will see the window maximize and you will be able to chat with the team. You can add a widget like this on your own site, with your own custom colors, messages, size, position and language.