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More traffic. More leads. More clients


Live chat with human touch

Start conversations at will & track visitors from the moment they enter your site. Instantly start chatting with visitors and convert them into customers from your desktop or mobile phone

Too busy to chat during tax season?


We got you covered!

Our highly trained Virtual Assistants will chat with your clients, answer F.A.Q and administrative questions, so you can focus on your work

Accountantbff. Let our

chat assistants convert 

more visitors into customers:

Real Human chat

No bots with thoughtless answers.

We only hire real humans, trained to be customer service experts.

Highly trained assistants

Our chat assistants know taxes. 

We train and supervise each chat assistant until they are ready.

You're in control 

You can see any chat in real time.

You can take over any chat or contact the assistant with instructions​.

Convert visitors into clients in seconds

Hi, are you here for a personal or business tax return? 


Sure John, sending it here now, and also to your email.





I would like to get a quote for my personal return. 😊


Got it. Wow! that was fast. How do we start? 👌


We start here. Just take pictures of your tax docs and upload them here.


I got both. Your tax return will be ready in 2 hours. I will send you a link to download.


Fantastic. Here is my W2. The second file is my Mortgage statement.


Amazing. I'm going to send you all of my friends! They will love how fast it all goes. 👍


5 minutes later...

Hi, I'm John's friend. He highly recommended you guys. How do we start? ✔


Hi, I'm Eddie, John sent me. He said you guys are the best ✔✔✔


Hey there. I'm Craig, Eddie's brother. Can you help me too? 🤞


Brandon here. I heard you guys are the besttttttt. Sign me up ✔


Hey there. John sent me. Can you quote me for my business tax return?


Hey there. I'm Lucy, Brandon's sister. Can you help me too? 🤞


You get the point...

Accountantbff. Never miss a client.


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Stay connected with your visitors and close deals on the go. With bff you never miss a client. Never miss a deal. Respond instantly to any potential client!

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67% percent of customers choose the first accountant 

that responds to their inquires!


It´s a fact! bfsends you instant alerts when any visitor opens your website, so you will be able to respond in seconds and close deals in seconds




More traffic. More leads. More clients


Accountantbff. Much more than

a chat widget:

Turn your website into​

a lead generation machine

When the chat is live, users chat with you, when the chat is off, visitors send you leads through the posts and content. 24/7 lead generation machine.

Social content that generates leads


Use our high-quality content or quickly and easily upload articles, tips, special offers

and promotions and generate x2 leads

Too busy to write posts during tax season?

We got you covered!

Amaze your visitors with stunning posts! Our team will help you create customized posts with your branding and special offers that will double your conversions

Engage your clients

with our content

Content is King. We provide you with great content that your customers will love and read. We save you hours on creating content and thousands in producing it. 

Content that will double your traffic

with more likes & more shares!

Post it to all your

social media accounts


Sample posts:

Will you be making payments to a retirement account?


Most retirement accounts have higher maximum contributions for 2019, so it's a great opportunity to add a little more toward your savings. With incentives like employer matching, that can be the best move you'll make all year. 

100 likes 👍   25 shares 👥

Are you a parent? Learn about the "kiddie tax".

It applies to children under age 19 and college students under age 24 who have unearned income over $2,100 (2019). Unearned income can mean dividends, capital gains or interest on investments. Want to hear more? Contact us.

152 likes 👍   34 shares 👥

Anyone can do your taxes! We? We plan your taxes!

We think out of the box, and use every tax break, tax credit, tax deduction or tax benefit that the law offers so you will get the maximum possible refund. So don't just do your taxes, plan them.  Start now, contact our team ad let us start planning.

170 likes 👍   47 shares 👥

5 best tax deductions for self employed in 2019!


Get it now: our hottest guide ever for self employed taxpayers that like pay as little as possible and have more money to do what they want! 5 deductions that will save you thousands of tax money. Have a business? Contact us now!

112 likes 👍   23 shares 👥

We see you! We see what you need! We see what others can't

When you hire us, you hire a team of professionals that focus on you and on how to help you achieve your goals, starting with better planning, tax savings, and goal oriented long term road map. Start now! contact us via chat or email. 

168 likes 👍   31 shares 👥

He moved recently. Have you changed your address lately?

Let us contact the IRS for you and update your new address so you will not miss important notices or refunds. You just need to send  your new address and we will instantly update the IRS records with it. We are here to give you peace of mind!

115 likes 👍   27 shares 👥

80% of taxpayers use accountant websites to select tax preparer.


One of the major factor in that decision is the quality of the content each website contains. bfdisplays 100s of tax related posts that increase your professional image and help you convert more visitors into paying customers




More traffic. More leads. More clients


Accountantbff. Much more than  chat and content:

Power users data


Big data. See who is online now on your website. Check out daily statistics and use the data to increase conversion

Too busy to market your services during tax season?

We got you covered!


Become marketing superstar!

Use our enhanced dashboard to track your contacts, export their emails and send them periodic emails with special offers and promotions

bfgives you tons of data


Use it to grow your client base. Export complete contact list to your email marketing software, see who visited you and from where, if they are mobile users or not, see how many chats and leads you have received every day. Complete control!

Are you ready

for your best

tax season ever?


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The widget you see below this is the bff visitor widget, if you click it you will see the window maximize and you will be able to chat with the team. You can add a widget like this on your own site, with your own custom colors, messages, size, position and language.